With the historical significance of the What? label to collectors and aficionado of punk rock, Chris is repeatedly asked to supply information and memorabilia from his personal stash.
Obviously there is no way to satisfy every ones lust for Darby Crash used kleenex and malt liquor bottles, so we've done the next best thing and listed your most frequently asked questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1.Can I have one of Darby's used kleenex?

No! Contrary to the urban legends, there are NO samples of Darby's DNA and he hasn't been cloned...yet...

2.Can you give Darby's Mom's home phone #?


3.How did you get your start in the music business?

I worked in a record store.

4.Can I buy a few hundred of your old singles?

Can you find a couple hundred old singles? I'LL buy all YOU can find!

We'll post more silly questions as soon as YOU send us some! Feel free to email us at:

faq@ilokirecords.com . We can't guarantee an answer anywhere but here, but email away and we'll post the best or silliest right here.

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