Artists from the Iloki Roster reflect a more eclectic sound, more surf than punk, a collection of diverse and flavorful recordings.

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The Bel-Airs The Belairs From the early sixties, this southbay band cranked out their hit Mr. Moto and other singles. This band Included Paul Johnson and Eddie Bertrand. The Iloki record is a collection of released and unreleased material
The Shockwaves San Francisco area natives of the surf culture. This band was lead by Frank Novicki and they donated one track to What Surf III.
Ten Foot Faces Ten Foot Faces This Pasadena area band had it's roots in Punk, Prog, and Instro music. They included one track for What Surf III and later a 45.
Kip Brown Kip was a founding member of the band Shock and was later in Little Girls. Always a fan of surf instro music, he added a Shadows sounding track to What Surf III.
blackbird Blackbird The Kinman brothers of The Dils and Rank and File fame were Blackbird. Their sound here, brings to mind Jesus and The Mary Chain with their own golden brand of vocals and songwriting. Two albums and a 45 were released by Iloki.
the Gears The Gears The Iloki release was a reissue of their first 45 and lp on cd. The Gears were blasting punk/surfabilly
Hawkwind Started in the late 60's, this band is prog/psych/space rock 'n' roll. Iloki issued a live album from north California from the early 90's.

Skull Control Skull Control From the ashes of the Skulls and Controllers came the early 90's idea for Skull Control. One 45 was issued by Iloki with Billy Bones (Skulls) and Kidd Spike (The Controllers). The cd was san Billy but added Karla Maddog (Controllers).
Penelope Houston Penelope Houston Two singles were released by Iloki by this former front person of San Francisco's greatest punk band, The Avengers. These recordings are in here folk/pop period.

Dee Lannon Dee Lannon Honky tonk singer Lannon was a veteran of the Los Angeles Barndance scene. One 45 and one 10" were put out on Iloki.

We'll post more as soon as Chris digs them up from his archives!


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