Started in 1977 with a shoestring budget, Chris Ashford's one man record company documented the early punk scene in L.A.

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The Germs The Germs Thought by many to be the punk-est of the punk bands- 1st release on What?
the Dils The Dils Brothers Chip and Tony Kinman's 1st release
The Mighty controllers The Controllers 1st single by the long running Controllers
Eyes, Skulls, Controllers Comp The Eyes All Star band featuring Charlotte Caffey and Don Bonebrake- future members of the Go-gos and X
Eyes, Skulls, Controllers Comp The Skulls Featuring Wall of Voodoo founder Marc Morland and Chas Grey. Billy Bones Continues today with a re-formed Skulls.
The Spastics Known as the worst punk band in L.A., they did two songs for What? that may get released yet. The band hailed from L.A.'s west side and included David Baerwald.
The Tidal Waves This band could never quite get there act together, but they did manage to record a few tracks. There was supposed to be a lot of humor involved but it didn't come out on the disc.
Hillary Laddin Laddin, an early drummer in the Leaving Trains, kicks out her own tunes.
The Martyrs Studio punk rock by a band that never played live. Includes vocals by Hilary Laddin.
KAOS KAOS Johnny Stingray's post Controllers band with Amy Wichmann [Jeff Dahl Band]
Gabriel Morgan (Michael Penn) Quirky pop record by local L.A. singer Morgan. Includes Michael Penn's first appearance on vinyl
Agent Orange Fullerton's finest Skatepunk rockers crank two surf tunes for the What Surf comps
Davie Allan And The Arrows* 60's fuzz guitar slinger added many tracks to the What/Iloki catalog
The Surfraiders* Bob Dalley and company add some tracks to the What Surf series.
The Halibuts The Halibuts Surf sounds with Pete Curry[now with Los Straight Jackets]
The Burglars High end surf punk from this 3 piece that included Samantha Stevens real life son.
The Pyramids Early surf reissue on What by this legendary surf outfit.
The Pandoras Paula Pierce and company fuzz rock their own kind of instrumental for What Surf. Paula borrowed Davie Allan's 60's Moserite fuzz box for this one.
The Ventures Iloki licensed some odd tracks to come up with the album 'Radical Guitars'. One being a Japanese car commercial backing track.

We'll post more as soon as chris can dig them up!


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